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Salesperson Development

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JB Sales Training offers the resources for the development of good salespeople. This includes development of the individual as a person, as a sales professional, and as a leader.

Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development

  • Achieving your personal best
  • Building a foundation for success
  • Visualization and application
  • Time management and organization
  • Networking

Sales Development

  • Building rapport
  • Capturing your prospect’s attention
  • Developing a powerful presentation
  • Asking for the business
  • Reaching out for more
  • Understanding the art of communication
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Drive sales through the roof
  • Prospecting, leads and referrals

Leadership Development and Management Skills

  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Developing leadership qualities
  • People skills
  • Effective management tools
  • Developing and maintaining a sales culture
  • Principles of delegation, responsibility and accountability
  • Using questions as a management tool

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