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Basic Sales Training

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Basic Sales Training 2016-10-18T20:42:39-07:00

basic sales trainingThe Basic Sales Training provides various opportunities in group settings for establishing the Foundation of Knowledge (12 Essential Sales Topics). The various group settings include the Power Sales seminar series, Round Table Training, Onsite Training, and Office Personnel Sales Training.

Power Sales 12 Part Seminar Series

Power Sales is a series of 12 seminars that are taught live in the Phoenix, AZ area. There is open enrollment for each seminar, meaning anyone from any business can register. Visit the Events & Workshops page for specific dates and times. The Power Sales seminar series will also be available online in the near future.

Round Table Training

Round Table Training is when a group of JB Sales Training clients meet together for more in-depth training of the 12 Essential Sales Topics. There may be salespeople from multiple different organizations. These training sessions are scheduled according to clients’ availability.

Onsite Training

Onsite training sessions are private training sessions specifically for your sales force. This setting for training can be applied for a sales team of 10 or more. The location for these sessions can either be at your business or near your business. These training sessions are scheduled according to your availability.

Office Personnel Sales Training

Office Personnel Sales Training is a specific kind of sales training in a group setting for business employees that are not necessarily hired as sales people. Any employee who has contact with customers will have opportunities to sell or up-sell your products and services. These non-sales employees may include secretaries and office assistants. This type of training works particularly well in health care offices.

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