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Advanced Sales Training

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Advanced Sales Training 2016-10-18T20:42:39-07:00

advanced sales trainingIn the Advanced Sales Training, the 3M Formula For Success is applied to build upon the foundation that was established in Basic Training, and set up systems of tracking to monitor improvement towards sales goals. The advanced training includes One-On-One Training sessions with each sales person and Leadership Training for sales managers.

One-On-One Training

In one-on-one training, a dedicated sales coach will mentor each individual sales person on your team, establish what is “humanly possible”, track and review key performance indicators (KPIs), and tutor them for improving towards specific sales goals. Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis to allow the best monitoring of progress, and ensure that specific sales are achieved.

Every potential student is interviewed by a certified trainer. Each student is evaluated to see if they qualify for the program. This ensures the business owner that each salesperson will achieve long term success.

Leadership Training for Sales Managers

There’s a two-way relationship and set of responsibilities between the sales manager and the sales team. Because of their duty to oversee other sales people, sales managers need additional skills for motivating the sales team, resolving issues, and especially communication. JB Sales Training provides the additional training and support for leaders of sales teams.

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