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Results – Return on Sales Training Investment

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Results – Return on Sales Training Investment 2016-11-04T08:22:16-07:00

sales training investment and returnThe JB Sales Training program, with the 3M Formula for Sales Success, takes sales training beyond just seminars and education. One of the three M’s is Monitoring, which helps your sales team improve with tracking and holding them accountable with key performance indicators (KPIs) on a weekly basis. Monitoring and tracking also provides the data that is used to measure your return on sales training investment.

JB Sales Training Stats

Since 2000, JBST clients have generated over $130,000,000 in gross profit.

The average sales person to complete the program has an increase of 253% in gross margin sales.

For every $1 invested in sales training, business owners receive back $17 in new gross margin – a 1,700% return on your sales training investment.

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