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Effective Questioning Techniques (“Telling isn’t selling”)

When it comes to sales success, questions are the answer. "TELLING ISN'T SELLING". Through the art of questioning, find out what is important to your customers, and then help them achieve it. Effective questioning is your crystal ball to sales success! The principles and topics taught in this workshop include: Understanding the sales [...]

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Building Rapport

BUILDING RAPPORT is more than just stating the obvious.  It’s the method professional sales people use to develop a feeling of trust in the people with which they work.  Never forget that people buy from those people they BELIEVE, LIKE, AND TRUST. “If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that [...]

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Stand Out From Your Competitors

“You’ve only got 90 seconds to arouse your prospects attention, gain their interest, and get them to think, ‘tell me more’.” Put yourself in your prospects position. Would you want to listen to your own presentation? Would it capture and hold your attention? What is it that makes you feel comfortable when you’re being sold? [...]

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Building Your Sales Arsenal

“Our sales arsenal consists of all the information we have which will assist us in making more sales and in removing our prospects pain.” The majority of all sales people are in sales for every conceivable reason other than they planned to be a sales person. Other professionals attend college, study, learn, intern and apprentice [...]

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Time Management (Guest Speaking)

John Bradshaw will be guest speaking on the subject of Time Management at the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network. This event is open to the public as well as members of the Matrix. For further details on this event and to RSVP, visit their meetup group:  

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Developing A Powerful Presentation

“A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.” Developing a powerful presentation is only a piece of the sales puzzle. There are many aspects to making a sale, but nothing is quite as important as knowing what your prospect needs and then creating an interesting picture in their mind of how you will help them achieve [...]

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Visualization and Application

What's your vision of success? “Your success or failure as a human being is not a matter of luck, circumstance or breaks. It is not who you are or any of the other myths by which people tend to excuse themselves. Successful people have developed an attitude of optimism, positive thought patterns and a vision [...]

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Reaching Out For More

“All sales people are just ‘order takers’ until the prospect says no; that is when the skills and training of the salesperson transition him from an order taker to a sales person.” In this workshop we will learn the major causes of lost sales and why sales people aren’t successful. We will discover the art [...]

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