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3M Formula For Success

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The 3-M formula for success is Mentoring, Monitoring and Motivation. While each part of the formula is a potent factor of the training on it’s own, the formula is most effective when all three elements are used together. Like the legs of a 3-legged stool, these three pillars elevate your business when combined.


JB Sales Training provides coaching that is based on the needs of the salesperson.  They understand and grasp their potential. They realize what they’re truly capable of.  Weekly meetings are held at your office for both mentoring and monitoring. The weekly meetings are designed to help them discover what is “Humanly Possible” and track progress.

  • During every coaching session we assess each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  Then we apply the needed solutions to help them overcome these weaknesses.  They establish realistic goals and a plan to achieve those goals.  These are not just business goals but life goals.
  • At JBST, we are solution driven.  Many owners and salespeople often have nowhere to go when their current system isn’t working.  Valuable time and resources might be wasted.  Who’s there to help them discover the solution?  JBST listens and evaluates.  After determining the concepts and principles needed to resolve the issue, we put the solution into practice.  Then we integrate the solutions in their everyday performance.


Sales training and coaching provides the system to hold each individual accountable for his or her sales activity and progress.  Most people, once their goals are set, don’t spend much time doing the activity required.  They lack the monitoring or tracking of the progress needed to achieve the goal.  Business owners usually do not have the needed time to make sure the activities are done.  They hope that they have hired the right person that can make it happen.  The focus of JB Sales Training is helping owners spend their time on those areas of expertise that has made them successful.  JBST ensures that your salespeople do what you hired them to do . .  SELL!

  • During the weekly meeting, time is devoted to report on returns and accountability.  We establish specific goals and activities.  The weekly activities include tracking to ensure the goals are met.  Each week, salespeople answer two specific questions:  What did I do well this week?  And, what could I have done better?  This requires the salesperson to reflect on their progress.
  • JBST helps determine what is needed from the management team to help the sales team increase productivity.  This eliminates the sales team’s excuses for not being able to achieve goals.


A vital element to achieving success and exceeding goals is motivation.   We motivate in several different ways: personal recognition, increased sales resulting in high income, and gaining satisfaction of reaching goals and dreams.  The “What’s Humanly Possible” system helps individuals understand what they are truly capable of and ignites the fire from within.

  • Most individuals do not like the image of salespeople.  So they don’t picture themselves as “that” sales person.  We help discover what motivates them.  Our focus is to turn dreams into reality.
  • Personal recognition is based on sales and profit increases based on average monthly sales and completion of the monthly task expectations.


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